Small Details In The Big Game Avengers 4 Trailer You Missed

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There were some small details in the Big Game Avengers 4 trailer you missed - and didn’t even know it. The Big Game Endgame trailer dropped some subtle hints and perhaps a bit of tomfoolery that we’ve come to expect in an Avengers trailer. No one really expected the Avengers 4 Super Bowl trailer to be anything more than a rehash of prior shots, but it turned out to be a totally new Endgame trailer - and it was full of tiny little hints of what’s to come for Avengers: Endgame.

Perhaps the biggest thing to see in the Endgame Super Bowl trailer was who wasn’t seen. There are two shots of a collection of Avengers - one walking in a field and looking up and another in a slow motion walk at the Avengers headquarters. Both feature sizable gaps between the group - as if someone was CGI’d out of the trailer. Hulk got added to the Infinity War trailer so this sort of thing has happened before. So who’s missing from the Avengers 4 Big Game trailer? Maybe the character is Hulk - and it’s Professor Hulk so they edited him out of the trailer. Maybe it’s Captain Marvel missing from the Avengers 4 Super Bowl trailer? Could it be a mystery character? Ronan the Accuser appearing in Avengers 4? Is it Ronin Hawkeye Clint Barton or whatever he’s calling himself that’s in the End Game Super Bowl trailer? There’s a few different possibilities but one thing is certain - someone definitely got edited out of the trailer… the only question is why?

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A tribute to fallen friends...or a clue of things to come? | 0:40
What's going on at Liberty Island? | 1:58
Stark and Nebula getting to work | 3:09
Addition through subtraction | 3:56
Hulk and Potts: Rescue Rangers | 4:47
A Marvelous trip to Maine | 5:35
Where's Thor? | 6:46
Ant-Man and War Machine make up | 7:53
Wielding the shield | 8:50

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