Vybz Kartel's New Pics Shocks Fans | Mackerel Sets Eyes On Romeich & 2 Politicians

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New photos of Vybz Kartel has caused fans to question his health. Adele and husband Simon split. Mackerel Official mother breaks her silence. Rygin King reacts to recent viral memes. Prayers up for Shantae Skyers.

Tia Overdue Music Vid -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej87pCeSaBc

Spoiler Alert Contest Info

Supreme Ventures has launched the Spoiler Alert competition where fans of GOT can submit videos predicting what they think will happen each week in the show. The top predication will receive prizes and get featured in my week GOT review video.

How to enter:
1. Upload a 30sec video to your Instagram or Twitter profile, predicting the ending of the upcoming Game of Thrones episode for each week. You’re encouraged to use any form of creativity: special effects editing, voice overs (without the use of expletives) and costumes to enhance the creativity of your videos.

2. Submit videos between Tuesday to Friday with appropriate hashtags #SVLGOTSA to participate for a chance to win. Winner will be selected based on how close your prediction is to the episode’s ending. Dutty Berry will be the ultimate judge. Winner will be announced weekly during Game of Thrones Spoiler alert.

Participants must:
Be age 18 years or older, and living in Jamaica;
Follow @mailpaclocal and @supremeventures Social Media pages
Download and have completed in-app registration for the Supreme Games App.
Have open Social Media accounts/pages. Private accounts will be voided.

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