A TENT for a BOEING 747 - FIRST B747 FLIGHT after 7 MONTHS (4K)

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A tent for a Boeing 747? Sounds kinda weird but that` s exactly what happened in Maastricht withing the past 7 months. It looks kinda cute to see the huge Boeing 747 sit inside a tent as if it was hiding from bad weather. A Boeing 747-400 of ACT Airlnes which operated flights for Saudia Cargo had an accident at Maastricht last November. While departing on runway 21 it had an engine failure and ended up in the grass next to the runway. Although the accident didn` t appear to be severe from the outside it turned out that there was structural damage. Structural damage usually causes very intensive repairs or a total write off of the aircraft.

The Boeing Company built up this tent to repair the Boeing 747 without the influence of the weather. The B747 received a new paint job (new stickers) at Maastricht and now it shows "Air ACT Cargo", a company from Turkey which used to operate Airbus A300`s and now operates a fleet of a few Boeing 747`s.

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