Versus! - Pokemon Gold & Silver - Episode 10

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The race continues as all of the racers make their way through the Team Rocket Hideout. That is all!

Welcome to our new installment of Pokemon Gold & Silver for the Gameboy Color! This is an Any% race where VinceOmega1, HaydenGames3 and myself are going to race to see who can become the champion of the Johto Region and defeat Red up on Mt. Silver first. Who will win? Let us know in the comments below!

-Each episode is 25 minutes
-Gaining EXP off screen is allowed
-Avoiding trainers and fighting them off screen is allowed but only in areas that you have explored
-We must fight all gym trainers and all Team Rocket Grunts.
-No glitches
-All pokemon must be caught on screen
-All evolutions must be shown on screen
-Must have a full team of 6 pokemon
-Sprout Tower, Burned Tower and Mt. Moon is required
-Run ends when the last pokemon of Pokemon Trainer Red is gone.
-Have fun!

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Disclaimer: All characters, games, music, etc. goes to their respectful owners. I am not associated with any game company whatsoever.

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