CHEAP & DIRTY ROCKER PANEL FABRICATION + BODYWORK | 1998 GMC Sierra 4x4 Budget Rust Repair w/Mike

07 Nov 2018   13:34   23
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This episode on SPPTV we are back doing bodywork at the HHP on Mike's 1998 GMC Sierra 4x4 project. Today Mike gets working on the rocker panel repair. It would be a lot easier to simply buy a readily available replacement panel, but he is dumb, stubborn and cheap, so here we are.

Cheap vehicles are great for learning bodywork. Mistakes don't matter as much, and its O K if the results aren't perfect. This truck is being prepared for a safety inspection, and they are not concerned with fit and finish.

This truck has been sitting around doing nothing for a long time, but hopefully.once it is back on the road again we can make some fun content with it. It will definitely get stuck in snow at some point. So stay tuned for that and all the other cool content we have coming your way!

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