Rahul Gandhi's Interaction with Stone Mine Workers in Kolayat, Bikaner Rajasthan on March 10, 2014

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Rahul Gandhi interacted with Stone Mine Workers in Bikaner, Rajasthan on March 10, 2014. Taking the Congress Party's outreach programme to the coal and stone mine workers in Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi said that 'Congress will uplift those who are below poverty line.'

Interacting with the workers, Rahul Gandhi said that the real issue was that the voice of the poor was not being heard properly by the system. "I am very happy to be here to listen to you issues," he said. Some of the stone workers recollected how Indira Gandhi had helped them. He said: "Indira Gandhi always listened and understood to the issues of the poor. I do not claim that I understood all of your problems but now I know some of it." Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress party was trying to bring in a policy of right to health. Rahul Gandhi has been interacting with people from various walks of life including NGOs, farmers, panchayat heads and more to seek their input for the Congress party's manifesto.

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