How to Optimize and Setup Windows 10

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How to Optimize and Setup Windows 10

Now I always read topics about boosting the performance of Windows 10 and other operating systems with registry tweaks, all tweaks you do on Windows will give you a tiny performance boost if any. The thing to watch out for is making the system unstable due to these tweaks, remember to backup all your data before you begin and remember messing with you're computers registry and system services settings can cause problems with certain programs and features in Windows 10. The biggest performance boost you can get from your computer is by adding memory (ram) and SSD (solid state drive) you will see amazing performance boost by upgrading or adding these two components to your computer.

If you are looking for my services tweaks, I have made two videos on these topic. Just watch them videos and you know what you can services you can safely disable. This video is by no means the completed guide as you can make loads more tweaks in group policy editor, I have done a number of videos on this and it would be far easier for you to watch these. Just check out my playlist, I will add links for these in the video.

If you want to start to share your ideas and tweaks, please start a thread on my forum for useful tweaks and we can have a big thread on all the great tweaks in one place.

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