Learn God's Feasts and His Calendar - Understand Prophecy - Mark Biltz Part 1

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The subject of Bible Prophecy should be of interest to us all. Why? Who doesn't want to know the future and also, we are instructed by Jesus himself to watch for him and the signs of his return. The book of Revelation is there for a reason, to be read and understood. But to be able to understand and make sense of Revelation you need a foundation just like a house starts with it's foundation and the house is built from there.

You need to understand 2 things first and foremost.

1. God has a Calendar and no, not the one you probably have on the wall.

2. God has appointment days on the Calendar called Moedim or Feast days which Jesus is Fulfilling.

3. There are 3 more yet to be fulfilled.

Interested? Imagine if you could know at what dates during any given year Jesus could actually return for his bride? It's not a mystery it's not a secret. Jesus even told us when! Now I know what your thinking " Nobody knows the day nor hour" We have all heard it. But did you know this was actually a Jewish Idiom Jesus was using? To us in English it sounds like he is saying "we can't know" but in fact he was saying the exact opposite he was actually using a name for the next feast day! The day or feast that "No one knows the day or hour of"! Watch and learn for yourself. God Bless you.

This series of 4 videos shows both his calendar and Feast days, once you understand them prophecy will make a lot more sense.

Here is a free copy of God's calendar for your wall.


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