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Lego Friends Summer Riding Camp 3185 is retired now, but I hunted it down to build, because otherwise,what will the girls do this summer? There is so much in this I don’t even know where to start… they arrive in a cozy little minibus (squashed in like sardines) with one bag and a trunk full of hair accessories (these girls need to reassess their priorities, at least pack your pjs and a toothbrush, for goodness sake! 😉). Once they arrive there are three beautiful horses to learn to care for and ride and a summer camp with bunk beds and all sorts of awesome stuff. Emma, Stephanie and Ella are going to have the time of their lives this summer holidays with instructor Theresa to guide and have fun with!

Head off to Summer Riding Camp with the LEGO Friends!

Spend the summer at the LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp! Head off to camp with Emma, Stephanie and their friend Ella in the mini-bus, complete with a trailer for bringing everything you need for a summer with horses. Practice your horseback riding skills and learn to pull the cart with the help of the Instructor Theresa mini-doll figure! Take lessons in the classroom then take the horses out for a ride. Learn to put on their saddles and hold the reins before you ride around the pretty pastures. Then serve up a yummy meal in the canteen, clean up in the bath house and hang out by the campfire! The LEGO Friends love roasting marshmallows and reading each other stories before they go to bed in the cool camp bunkhouse with 4 beds. Includes Emma, Stephanie, Ella and Instructor Theresa mini-doll figures.

• Includes 4 mini-doll figures: Emma, Stephanie, Instructor Theresa and Ella• Features 2 two-story buildings: the camp canteen, classroom, 2 bedrooms, bath house with toilet, horse staging area and paddock• Includes a mini-bus with seats for all 4 mini-doll figures and a detachable trailer• Animals include hedgehog and 3 different colored horses: Champion, Foxy and Sunshine• Accessories include camera, storybook, riding helmets, croissants, salad, sausages, dining furniture, blackboard, 3 saddles, 3 bridles, pitch fork, whip, bonfire, marshmallows, cups; animal accessory set: brushes, comb, bows, hairspray, soap and prize ribbons; and flower accessory set: flowers, ladybirds and butterflies• Load the LEGO Friends into the mini-bus!• Ride, groom and feed the horses!• Rebuild and create new ways to play!• LEGO Friends pieces are fully compatible with all LEGO System bricks• Collect all of the LEGO Friends sets for a whole city of LEGO Friends fun!

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