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Is there a best car paste wax, or best car wax in general? In this video, I show why I absolutely love Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax, why I have used it for years, and why, it just might be considered one of the best car paste waxes out there. For years detailers have loved meguiars ultimate paste wax... it is economical, easy to apply and remove, and most of all it looks incredible, and provides an awesome layer of protection! Some even consider it a sealant! I have found that I especially love meguiars paste wax on darker cars like black, blue, red, and grey. Of course the debate will continue, what really is the best paste wax for cars, is there a best car paste wax, or even still... is there a best paste wax for black cars as opposed to others, the debate goes on and on, but in this video, I attempt to show you exactly why I have always loved meguiars ultimate paste wax in particular, and why after 7 years... I am still using it! Follow along as I break down meguiars paste wax, and possibly discover the best car paste wax for professional auto detailers!

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Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax:

Wax Applicator Pads (Pack of 6)

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