Where I Buy Cheap, Trendy Clothes in Korea | Shopping Tour of Ewha University in Seoul, Korea Vlog

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Hello everyone! A lot of you guys have asked where I buy my more affordable clothes when I'm in Seoul, South Korea so I wanted to take you guys along with me and show you where I shop :) This is definitely something I'd recommend doing in Korea! Also, sorry it's shaky. I'm not good with technology.. clearly. But I'm trying to learn so bear with me while I do! :)

Also, I'll be uploading the clothing haul or Part 2 to this video tomorrow at 8 am PST! So be sure to subscribe to see that!


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So I'm in Korea right now and wanted to do some more vlogs for you guys! This was a little walking tour/shopping tour of Ewha University. The area surrounding the university has some nice shopping spots because a lot of college students are on a budget! I find the clothes here and nice and usually pretty up to date with the trends. They are not the best quality...I would say they're like Forever21 type of quality. Also, once you walk around, you'll notice a lot of the stores have similar clothing. So this is a good place to compare prices :) Hope you enjoyed!

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