New Multimatic 220 AC/DC: It Does, so You Can Too

30 Oct 2018   02:27   38
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The new Multimatic® 220 AC/DC multiprocess welder can handle any job and lets you weld any process — AC/DC TIG, MIG, flux cored and stick.

This powerful multiprocess machine is all you need to tackle any welding project. Equipped with Auto-Set Elite™ and Pro-Set™ — choosing the right parameters for any process is fast and easy. Changing processes is even easier with Quick Tech™ technology, which allows a MIG gun and a TIG torch to be connected at the same time. This technology automatically determines the correct polarity and switches to the right process when you hit the trigger or taps the foot control. Weighing just 56 pounds, this machine is easy to move — and with the multi-voltage plug (MVP™) you can work anywhere there is 120V or 240V input power.

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