The Best Cheap Food in NYC's Chinatown || 5 Buck Lunch

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Prez is known around the Thrillist office for being the $5 lunch guy, and for good reason. In our newest series, 5 Buck Lunch, we follow Prez around NYC to the greatest lunch spots that are the best bang for your buck. Our first episode takes us to Chinatown, where the roast pork is oh-so-sweet and the meal is worth the trip no matter where you’re coming from.


Marco Shalma

Camera & Editor
Nate Chan

Nick Hernandez

Fredy Delgado

Senior Food Editor
Khushbu Shah

Line Producer
Emily Rodney Tufaro

Production Coordinator
Sarah Barry

Head of Video
Justin Lundstrom

Special Thanks
Wah Fung No. 1

Many Thanks
Ben Robinson
Andrew Zimmer

Spring Break by Simon James, H Parsley

The Job by Daniel Diaz

A Confused Game by Sophia Lydie Domancich, Gilles Pezerat

The Hip-Hop by Audiojungle

Change by Dora Lopes

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