Sonic Oddshow 3

11 Sep 2014   10:42   3,740
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Hi Shadic15 here! Third time's a charm.

Here it is Sonic Oddshow 3. Now before I get into detail why I uploaded this one so early and why's there's only 13 skits, let me give you details about this installment :)

It's rather short compared to number 2, 13 skits. I made some classic jokes, but also tried something different like the Eggyssey skit, and also Hyperbolic Havoc which is definitively inspired by SMBZ. But the significant change here is : Real High Definition 1080p and widescreen ! :D Other than that it's quite the same.... Mario torture porn included !

IMPORTANT : I decided to split Sonic Oddshow 3 in two parts, this one being the first installment. The second one : Sonic Oddshow K, will be released much later (next year). I am pretty doing what Sega did with Sonic The Hedgehog 3. Why am I doing this? Two reasons : 1. people are asking all the time when is SO3 coming out, I want to calm them ^^' and 2. school starts very soon which would add a tremendous delay to this project.

Anyway, enjoy this installment, it certainly has something going for. :)

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