EXPLORE HIGHLIGHT | Banding the owlets at the snowy owl cam nest

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http://www.explore.org - At 2PM AKDT on July 10, 2014, Denver Holt (Director of the Owl Research Institute) and Nagruk Harcharek (UMIAQ Science Project Manager) banded 3 owlets at the nest site. The largest owlet wasn't found during the visit, but they suspect it was too well hidden and will return to look for it on July 12 (weather permitting).

The Owl Research Institute has banded 700 Snowy Owls around Barrow, Alaska, during the past 23 years. Banding the birds allows scientists to gather little-known information on the owls' movements. Researchers fit a numbered aluminum band issued by USGS Bird Banding Lab on the owl's leg. Snowy Owls are banded with # 8 or #9 lock-on bands, and each band has a unique number and contact information in case one is recovered.

When the owl flies to a new location, such as during migration, another scientist may capture the owl again and read the number on the band. They can then look up where the bird has come from and report back to the Institute. Scientists in Barrow, Alaska, found one owl that was originally banded in Russia!

Learn about the Owl Research Institute's work with Snowy Owls at

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