Boy, 11, weighing 30 stone named 'heaviest child in the world' - Daily Mail

10 Mar 2018   02:03   35
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Arya Permana (right: before surgery), from Karawang in West Java, Indonesia, weighed the same as six boys (inset: pictured with some of his classmates) his own age and struggled to walk more than five minutes at a time. After years of eating five meals a day, parents Ade and Rokayah Soemantri were convinced that their son had to have drastic surgery or he'd die. Just a month after undergoing a five-hour gastric sleeve operation, becoming the youngest person in the world to do so, he has already lost nearly 5st (31kg) - roughly a sixth of his weight (left: pictured after surgery). Surgeons at the Omni Hospital in Jakarta expect him to lose a further 15st 10lbs (100kg) within 12 months as a result of removing a large portion of his stomach.

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