DIY Overclocked Plasma Globe. 2500V to a MILLION volts

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What started as a simple desire for a brighter plasma globe got carried away and I ended up building a million volt lightning tower of death.

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I found a good deal for some plasma globes on eBay so I went ahead and bought some. Sure they were interesting, but I quickly realized I needed something much more powerful. After trying the aluminum foil arc trick, I got bored and took it apart. I tried various modifications to the driver, including a MOSFET based interrupter and a ZVS flyback transformer circuit. I even tried using some way overdriven car ignition coils but still was not satisfied.

I decided I needed to build a multi-kilowatt tesla coil in order to properly drive the thing. I mean it was Nikola Tesla that invented the plasma globe, so this was the only method that would give his invention justice. I used a quad MOT, asynchronous rotary spark gap based topology. I needed 10 microwave ovens to build the fully ballasted power supply, and most of the other stuff I found at the hardware store. I did need to order capacitors and a secondary coil online.

The resulting plasma globe was satisfactory. Giant arcs shoot directly out of the glass. Other plasma globes and light bulbs in the vicinity light up due to the extreme electromagnetic field produced. Plus, most importantly, it can light things on fire. Today I have done something good, and I will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow though, and it’s on the next project…

Video inspired by the great photonicinduction:

Song during microwave teardown is Web Weaver's Dance by Asher Fulero.

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