20 Creepiest Toys NO KID Would Want As A Present

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20 Toys parents should definitely not buy for their kids!
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We've all played with toys at one time or another. However, there are some toys which come across as being weird, creepy, and just a little bit frightening. Of course, what one person thinks of as scary, another person might think of as being fun. So if you like creepy toys, that's ok. But today, we'll show you 20 Creepy Toys No Kid Would Want As A Present.

We are going to show you weird robots, creepy dolls, a Disney character that's gone a bit wrong, and more. We'll talk about something Play-Doh did that set our teeth on edge, as well as some popular kids' things that now seem a bit weird. Do you think a Furby can be a bit creepy? We think it can be. Stay tuned to the end when we'll show you a toy that really split opinion.
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