1958 MGA And 1962 Austin Mini Cooper: Whiz Kids

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Driving fun cars with your friends is, by no stretch of definition, time well spent. Being able to do so while you’re in high school and can say that your first car wasn’t a typical five-speed automatic Corolla only makes it better, but owning half-century-old baby Brits like Daniel Harrison’s 1958 MGA and Daniel Hornstrand’s 1962 Austin Mini Cooper isn’t simple. Both have rebuilt his car’s engine, and while their pack of petrolhead friends all offer competent help in the garage, it’s a rare time when all the group’s cars are running well at the same time. They don’t mind though, and adopt an attitude that focuses on the fun times with friends who will spend weekends in the garage chasing the inevitable gremlins that come with not only owning and driving (often), but maintaining cars like these.

See the photoshoot and read more here: https://petro.li/MGMiniGallery

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