The Gruesome Case of the Papin Sisters

17 May 2017   23:09   10,206
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Oddie's Historical Feature - Episode 17

This Historical Features details the the story of the Papin Sisters – their upbringing – the murders - and their trial & final years.
Christine & Léa Papin grew up in Le Mans, France. After a tragic upbringing, things appeared to be going in the right direction for them; they had a good job as head servant/cook & chambermaid in a the house of a wealthy middle class family. By all accounts, they were fed & treated well & had a comfortable heated room on the third floor of the large house of Monsieur Lancelin & his family.
Then one day, the girls snapped...leaving a horific trail in their wake.
No one could quite believe that these two kind & demure young women, could be capable of such shocking & grisly murders.

Many thanks to one of my sweet viewer's 'Melissa Sutton' for suggesting I research this case.

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Music: Sad Ghost Story - by JM Scherf Music

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