One Bite Can KILL YOU!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote takes in a Sydney Funnel Web Spider for venom extraction!

In Australia there is one species of spider that strikes fear into the hearts of many, and that spider is none other than the Funnel Web! Intimidating in appearance with their up to half inch long fangs, these arachnids possess a dangerous neurotoxin that is particularly deadly to humans. Without proper antivenin after a bite the Sydney Funnel Webs venom has been known to kill humans within hours. Seriously just one bite can kill you! Yikes!

However after the start of an ambitious statewide antivenin program at the Australian Reptile Park no one has actually died from a Funnel Web Spider bite in over six years.

Get ready to see Coyote milk venom from the most dangerous spider on earth!

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HUGE THANKS to Kane, Dan and all the staff at Australian Reptile Park for hosting the crew at this location and for all of the amazing life saving work they do on a daily basis! To learn more about their Funnel Web antivenin program please visit their website -

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