GRAPHIC CONTENT: 911 call after baby is found decapitated - Daily Mail

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In a haunting 911 call, Deasia Watkin's aunt and cousin can be heard pleading with the dispatcher to send police after the 20-year-old decapitated her daughter, Janiyah (right), in College Hill, Ohio on Monday morning. When the dispatcher pushes the aunt's son for more details, he says: 'Look, lady. I don't want to describe the scene. The [scene] is very, very bad, alright? I'm not going in there to look, because I've already seen it. But it's very violent. It's a very violent scene.' Police arrived and found Watkins (left) covered in bed covered in blood. She has been taken to hospital where she is undergoing evaluation. Watkins had previously been ordered to stay away from the child after suffering from mental illness.

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