Мощнейшая из мантр на привлечение любви. Powerful love mantra. Сочетать с упражнениями.

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Anahata, (Anahatha) 4th Chakra, Unbeaten or Heart Chakra

Четвертая чакра. Powerful love mantra. Мощная мантра на привлечение любви. Мантра любви. Спа музыка. Музыка для релаксации. Музыка для медитации. Музыка для массажа. Исцеление. Музыка исцеления. Музыка оздоровления. Душевный покой. Йога. Музыка для йоги. Музыка для занятий йогой. Индийские песнопения. Восточные песнопения. Восточные мелодии. Божественные мелодии. Полинезийские практики исцеления. Индийская мантра. Счастьею Здоровье. Любовь. Взаимопонимание. Мантра очищения. Музыка для улучшения кровообращения. Музыка для нормализации кровяного давления. Музыка для духовного исцеления. Индийская музыка. Музыка любви. Нирвана. Священная нирвана. Музыка для поднятия настроения. Музыка для бодрости духа. Spa music. Massage music. Relaxation music. Yoga. Yoga music. Romantic music. Romantic Indian music. Romantic Indian song. Romantic Indian singing. Healing. Enlightenment. Happiness. Love. Love song. Love songs. Indian love song. Romantic love songs. Romantic love song. Polinesian healing. Nirvana. Sacred nirvana. The heart chakra is the center of compassion. When this chakra opens, you transcend the limits of your ego, and identify with other people, plants, animals, all of life. This is the humanitarian center. When your heart chakra is open, you're likely to become involved in social causes. The heart chakra is your most vulnerable place.

A person with a developed anahata is generally very sensitive to the feelings of others, and the sense of touch is highly developed. These people have the power to heal others either by touch, or by radiating energy. Many people who perform miraculous healing do so through the agency of anahata.

The heart center is the seat of divine love. It is here that "I" emotion is re-channeled into devotion. Vishnu granthi, the second psychic knot, representing the bondage of emotional attachment, is located here.

When this knot is opened, one becomes free of all selfishness, and emotional instability, and enters a state of divine, unconditional love. This chakra is the psychological center for the evolution of idealism, the urge for expansion of self-concept, and world view.

Аффирмации. сочетать с упражнениями.

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