Fish one two three and golden fish for kids (3+ years old toddler)

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Golden fish one, blackfish two, orange fish three, yellow fish four. Kids. This hotel is located in Pune at Viman nagar. Name of hotel is Chang.
These are not Fish toys.
Check for fish Insurance. or Koi insurance.

(In the year 2018 we visited this hotel again after 3 years and we had a same experience and we recorded this video's for kids
in below link. Those are really very awesome koi fishes.

But this time some of the fishes found aggressive or scared of something. )

Boating in the small water tank for kids above 2+ years old.

Small fish tank with Golden fish, sucker fish and so many for kids ( )

Big fish tank for giant fish (Oscar fish, Golden fish, Shark fish)

at ( )

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