The Weird Explanation On How Thanos' Blade Broke Cap's Shield

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In case you haven't heard by now, there were many eye-catching scenes in Avengers: Endgame — from deaths we didn't see coming to twists that continued on until the very last frame. One such attention-grabbing moment involved Captain America and his iconic shield.

Get ready, because we're about to dive into spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

The sequence in question happens during the climax of the film, during which all the costumed heroes who were dusted away rematerialize to join the fight against the Mad Titan from the past. Immediately, fans can recognize that this Thanos looks a little different compared to how they're used to seeing him on the silver screen: not only is he rocking his gold armor, but he also carries a massive dual-bladed weapon. Past Thanos utilizes it to its full capabilities, demonstrating that it's even deadlier than the weapons of his opponents. When Thanos gets up close and personal with Captain America, the Mad Titan slashes away at Cap's Vibranium shield, breaking off large chunks of it until it's about half its original size. Classic Thanos.

But how could Thanos break a shield previously thought to be completely indestructible?

Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo offered up an answer, and it's an intriguing one.

Speaking with, Russo hinted that Vibranium may not be as durable as people have believed it to be, despite Black Panther once explaining that the kinetic energy-absorbing metal is the most powerful one in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"A meteorite made of vibranium, the strongest substance in the universe, struck the continent of Africa."

The director said that Thanos' weapon is probably made of something more powerful the best weapon for the greatest villain. Russo said:

"Clearly Thanos is a thousand-year-old character who has fought everyone in the universe and is the greatest: He's the Genghis Khan of the universe, so he would have the greatest weapon."

So there you have it: Thanos is the greatest, and his sword is just better. Like destiny, you can't run from the power of an awesome sword.

Joe Russo then noted that Thanos may have crafted his double-bladed sword weapon with the help of Eitri, the famed weapons forger who created Thor's Mjolnir and helped the god of thunder forge his battle-axe Stormbreaker in Infinity War. As Russo put it, Thanos may have gotten in contact with Eitri, traveled to Nidavellir, and gained access to a material even stronger than Vibranium to forge his double-edged weapon with. Even more interesting than that is the idea that perhaps Thanos had Eitri create the shield-breaking weapon around the same time he forged his Infinity Gauntlet. Keep watching the video to see more about the weird explanation on how Thanos' blade broke Cap's shield!

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