First plane lands at Gatwick Airport following drone disruption

22 Dec 2018   00:51   0
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A flight carrying children to Lapland was the first plane to take-off at around 6am this morning and British Airways and easyJet have confirmed they can get people away for Christmas. The re-opening of the runway (main picture today) came after the last sighting of the drone at 10pm last night, which had buzzed over the airport more than 50 times since 9pm on Wednesday night. Police are still hunting for the pilot causing the chaos (inset), rumoured to be a 'eco-warrior', who appears to have gone to ground after the Army stepped in to end the most disruptive airport trespass in UK history. Detectives are investigating if the pilot is a lone wolf bent on grounding jets for environmental reasons - but Transport Secretary Chris Grayling admitted today it could have been a gang flying several drones. The threat was neutralised after soldiers were sent in with 'specialist equipment' - believed to be a 'kill-jammer' that cuts a drone's communications from up to two miles away and a 'drone dome' that shoots them out of the sky with a laser. Furious passengers have blasted the police because they were powerless to stop the drone and demanded to know why the Government has not brought anti-drone systems now common at US airports. Airport bosses are still warning passengers not to come to the airport (top right today) - the UK's second busiest - before checking with airlines, whose staff were seen running to board planes today (bottom right).

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