My Top 10 Favorite Jedi/Sith

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10. Darth Malgus: Was a huge force to be reckoned with when the Sith Empire returned. He managed do lead the attack which would destroy the Jedi temple while taking out several Jedi. He was ruthless and a pure tank, almost unstopable in combat. His tactics were fierce and he led the Empire to victory after victory.

9. Luke Skywalker: The son of The Chosen One. Without him the Empire would never have fallen, as a Jedi he is incredibly powerful, becoming a master even though he began training when he was very old. His kindheartedness and failure to be tempted to the dark side allowed for Vader to destroy the Emperor.

8. Qui-Gon Jinn: He was a Jedi Master that did what he wanted, often ignoring the advice of the Jedi counsel. For this reason he was adamant for Anakin to be trained in the ways of the force despite Master Yoda's uneasy feelings. Because he managed to get Anakin to become a Jedi and he didn't like Jar Jar (a mutual feeling from me and him) he is number 8 on this list.

7. Mace Windu: "The Badass of the Jedi Order" was an amazing duelist, arguably the best in the galaxy. He was second only to Yoda in the Jedi order. There is dispute whether or not he actually beat Sidious, I think he did, because of his advanced Form VII technique Vapaad. Think of it as Sith Kryptonite because it uses the darkness in your enemy to make yourself stronger, so basically he would be at his best against Sidious.

6. Sateel Shan: She achieved the rank of Grandmaster Jedi in the Old Republic and proved to be a wise and strong leader. She was incredibly powerful with the force and also an amazing duelist. I gain hope for Star Wars Ep. VIII because Sateel is proof female Jedi can be super powerful, and compete with males.

5. Darth Maul: Just look at his face and Lightsaber.

4. Yoda: Grandmaster of the Jedi order, wise beyond words, one of only a few who survived Order 66, managed to fight on par with the Emperor himself, lived to be over 900 years, the list goes on... Yoda is one of the best if not the best Jedi to have ever existed.

3. Sidious: Darth Sidious is the greatest mastermind in Star Wars history. He used Count Dooku to instigate the separatist movement which allowed him to remain in office as Supreme Chancellor until the matter was resolved. he reformed the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire insuring his grip on power. Also, as a result of the separatist movement, the Clone Wars began which gave a good reason for him to turn on the Jedi saying they tried to take over etc. and allowing him to execute order 66. He basically indirectly destroyed almost all the Jedi in the galaxy while getting Anakin, the most force sensitive character in the history of Star Wars, to become his apprentice as Darth Vader (he used both lies telling him he could save Padme and instilling doubt in his mind as to the allegiance of the Jedi Order. He made sure there was tension between Anakin and the Jedi Council to help Anakin's decision to turn to the dark side). What is almost as impressive as his astonishing ability to plan and manipulate is the fact that he hid in plain sight from the Jedi. Considering how closely attuned the Jedi are to disturbances in the force, how he managed to stay hidden, even from the likes of Yoda himself is amazing.

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi: The strongest defensive duelist in the Jedi order. He survived order 66 and even trained Luke Skywalker. In my eyes he was the model Jedi, he was wise, powerful and closely attuned to the force. He didn't deserve the suffering of fighting his apprentice. Obi-Wan was in just as much pain as Anakin when Anakin's flesh was being burned.

1. Anakin/Darth Vader - The Chosen One. What makes me so found of this character is his struggle. In both trilogies his story is a tragedy. It is a story of pain, suffering, love, regret and that of potential that is never seen. Anakin was conceived by the force, which made him almost a physical manifestation of the force. Though as a Jedi his potential would never be reached, his anger and hate after losing his mother inhibited his Jedi powers, his talent made him arrogant making him impulsive and prone to weakness. As a Sith, the good in him, again, inhibited his Dark Side powers, his suit caused him pain and hindered his force abilities. He could never reach his full potential, which is quite sad. Initially Anakin was a very emotional character, which caused him to grow so attached to the ones close to him like his mother and Padme. Losing them then was extra hard on him creating mix of emotion inside him that led to his path to the dark side. Remember, he wanted to save Padme, that's why he really turned, because he didn't want her to die. But his anger got the better of him and he lost everything as he became Darth Vader. Look at this: Eventually his story is redeemed as the good in him is triumphant and he does destroy the Sith.

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