Spiderman Basketball Episode 7 | Spiderman vs Carnage

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Episode #7
'Face Off to Face Off'

In an attempt to set Peter Parker up for failure, Deadpool follows him to his apartment and attempts to persuade him to come play ball at a local park that has great competition. Knowing that he was going to have to be matched up with local park legend Carnage, Deadpool had high hopes that he would finally get destroyed on the court and humiliated once and for all. Will this be the fate of Spider-man basketball? Stay tuned and find out...

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Producer/Director Contact:
Robert 'SetFree' Monroe
Instagram: @IAMSETFREE
Facebook: /IamSetFree

Music/Basketball Beats/Soundtrack - Bboy Wicket
Beat Site: Bboywicketbeats.com
Instagram: @Bboywicket

Special thanks to:
...the kid that played the spiderman fan with the mask on. Erick Basulto (youtube.com/chickentacosunite)

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