Prophet Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie Live Stream

24 Oct 2018   02:52:07   11
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Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie is a man of God whose ministry has brought the divine presence into the hearts of many all over the world. He is a firebrand prophet and an apostle with deep insight into the plans and purposes of God for this generation.
God Has used him mightily in the prophetic office for deliverances, ministration of the word and prayer sessions which have shaped the destiny of millions and caused them to live the victorious Christian life.
He is a man sent from God, approved with miracles, signs and wonders who has made himself available in a mighty way for the body of Christ in these end times. His Vision is to bring hope to the hopeless and empower the Body of Christ in the walk of faith and holiness.
He is the the General overseer for Praying Family Chapel and also for World Prayer Centre which is a non-denominational commission. He is the also the force and the mastermind behind the great city called the Potter's City where this is being broadcast live.

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