String Tricks! Beginners Fighter Jet String Figure - Tutorial

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The Japanese call these string tricks Ayatori. Instructions for how to do a fighter jet cat's cradle string figure out of string in this easy step by step video tutorial. Learn a cool string trick to impress your friends. The string game is shown from the users point of view. Directions in this guide demonstrated slowly.

Fun and simple tricks with yarn that are found around the world include "Jacob's Ladder" ("Osage Diamonds", "Fishnet"), "Cup and Saucer" ("Sake Glass", "Coffee Cup") "Witches Broom" and a string trick called "The Mouse" There are many string figures with patterns resembling a fish net.

String Games are addicting games that weave a loop of string or yarn on the hands and fingers. They may also use the mouth wrist and feet. Looped over the fingers, you can make many cute string figure patterns, shapes and designs many of which include diamonds or triangles. Some call it finger or hand string art. The game can be for one or two people and traditionally they often came with a story. Not just kids games for adults too. Have fun, share string games with your friends and be happy.

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