Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

17 Feb 2019   10:36   21
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Embark on a river cruise where dangerous beasts and dry wit abound. Board a canopied tramp steamer piloted by your trusty skipper, who will expertly navigate you through some of the world’s most treacherous waters.

Steam past lush foliage, butterflies and waterfalls on the Amazon in South America. Glimpse an abandoned camp overrun by curious gorillas on the shores of the African Congo.

Along the Nile, watch for bathing elephants, angry hippos and hungry lions. Be on the lookout for a tribe of headhunters recently spotted in the area. Your cruise continues down the Mekong River in Asia, home to baboons, cobras and other fearsomely life-like creatures.

It’s a 10-minute, 10,000-mile journey that you won't soon forget!

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