How to Make an EPOXY LED Pendant Light || woodworking & epoxy resin

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How to make a DIY modern pendant light by pouring epoxy resin over LED strips.

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This modern LED pendant lamp is an experiment in woodworking and epoxy process and design, with LEDs and epoxy resin in a live edge cookie slab. The idea was to cut an organically shaped LED channel following the wood grain in a live edge wood slab, and pouring epoxy over LEDs. It was also an excuse to use this locust cookie slab I'd had sitting in the shop for a long time.

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PART TWO of the LED EPOXY series:



o Heat Gun:
o Epoxy Resin:
o Red Translucent Pigment:
o Pendant Light Kit:
o 12V Side Emitting LED Strip:
o 12V LED transformer/power supply:
o 5V White/Warm White/Amber LED Strip:
o 5V music sync LED controller:
o Aluminum Foil Tape:
o Fine Grit sanding pads:
o Cordless Drill & Driver:
o World’s Greatest Sander:
o Bench Cookies w/ Finishing Cones:
o Bench Cookie T-Track Risers:
o Universal T-Track:
o T-Track Clamps:
o T-Track Hold-down Clamps:


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