The Return of Benjen Stark? - Game of Thrones Season 8

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory Video. In this video I will be discussing the possibility of Benjen Stark returning for the final season. He was last seen in Season 7 Episode 6 when he saved Jon Snow beyond the wall. After Jon & Co. tried to capture a Wight they came under attack. Jon was eventually left behind and surrounded by the Night King's Army until Benjen Stark showed up and sacrificed himself for Jon. When Jon fled he looked over his shoulder to see his uncle getting overwhelmed by the Wights. It didn't look like we would ever see Benjen again, but is that a fact? Benjen Stark was saved by the Children of the Forest before, and the method they used was the same one used on the Night King. This turned Benjen into Coldhands, and now he's even more powerful than before. According to the Children of the Forest, Coldhands can't be stopped by Wights. Even if he's surrounded.. Bran Stark learns this about Coldhands in A Dance with Dragons so perhaps the same can be said with Benjen... Let me know what you think about this. Put your thoughts and/or questions down below. Thanks for watching!!

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