WOLVERINE vs PREDATOR - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 9)

15 Aug 2013   09:41   19,611
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Directed by Aaron Schoenke

The series is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy

The concept of the SPBD web series is to take two super powered legends and make them battle! Every month we will release a new episode, where viewers will be able to vote to determine the winner. The show is hosted by Marisha Ray, with three debaters, Damian Beurer, Andy Liegl and Jennifer Wenger. Together they battle with their sci-fi/fantasy knowledge and comic wit to see who they think the winner will be.

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costumes provided by...

Wolverine Cowl provided by ReevzFX

Predator outfit created by

Gene Emory - Sculpt, mold, cast, paint - overall suit construction. Damon Silva - Suit assembly and painting Carl Toti - Sculpt, mold, cast - cannon and backpack Jerome Kelty - Animatronics - cannon and backpack Julie Spehar - Electronics - computer/ bomb gauntlet Clay Williams - Dreds on cut-away mask

artwork provided by
Lucas Ackerman
Albert Hulm

look out for out next episode!!! White Ranger vs Scorpion

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