Bill Burr ROASTING People ◼ Try Not To Laugh 2018

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If Bill Burr gets going, no one can Stop him

Bill Burr describes and often portrays himself as the uninformed loudmouth in the bar. This is pretty accurate, in my opinion, and interesting for a number of reasons.

Comedians are moral detectives, and Burr’s style is one of the many ways society finds its moral boundaries probed by comedians. This shows how comedy, in this regard, is limitlessly diverse, and ever-changing, and more important in our lives now, than ever.

Burr’s deployment of anecdote and recruitment of common experience as (often insightful) social critique and general shit-talk/locker-room-banter air is relatable (often more so than late night T.V. and mainstream comedy’s the more erudite deconstruction of politics, society etc.) and a breath of fresh air. He is a relentless contrarian (like most comedians), but his original style is what makes him truly different.

Finally, Burr’s comedy has the heart. He lampoons furiously, but with heart. If comedy is art, then Burr proves, time and again, that great artists are ultimate, unabashedly, unapologetically themselves, and that, perhaps, we should strive to be too.

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