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Coyote Video Clips

Dingo Meets a Coyote! Brave Wilderness 5,233,484

Wolf Pack Meets a Coyote! Brave Wilderness 11,652,462

Coyote Attacks Cat - Dog Saves Cat Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek 3,240,498

Coyote Plays With Cat DailyPicksandFlicks 1,933,118

STUNG by a YELLOW JACKET! Brave Wilderness 32,053,008

Barking Coyotes dublelung1 1,214,117

Do Horseshoe Crabs STING?! Brave Wilderness 31,930,988

When Coyotes Attack They will Kill You 134,000

STUNG by a GIANT HORNET! Brave Wilderness 14,031,193

Hot Coyote Double. Decoy Doggers 2,151,624