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Here, you will find scientific/educational videos on almost every topic that is cool and useful for you.

Owner & Host | Research | Script | Voice-Over: Rajesh Kumar

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27 Jan 2017 - 100,000
16 June 2017 - 1M
16 Aug 2018 - 5M
17 July 2019 - 10M

FactTechz is the 'first' Indian YouTube channel to cross a million subscribers in less than 365 days (first in the timeline). Records are made to be broken, but yeah, we were the first :)

FactTechz is the 7th Non-Corporate Indian YouTube channel to cross 10 Million subscribers in the timeline.

We reached 10M subscribers in just 2 Years 11 Months and 23 Days! One of the fastest to reach 10M.

Rajesh Kumar, is the youngest Indian YouTuber in India to cross 10M subscribers, at the age of 19.

One of the top creators of 2017, https://twitter.com/YouTubeIndia/status/945264014560346112

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